Booster Club


The North Shore Academy of Gymnastics Booster Club is a Non-Profit 501c3 that supports the Gymnasts on Team.

The NSAG Booster Club works hard throughout the year to help Gymnasts and their families. From fundraisers, many events and the popular Tie Dye Classic, the Booster Club is here to help.

Stay tuned to your Gymnast’s mailbox, flyers, announcements and more for the latest on upcoming Booster Club events.

Until then feel free to explore a variety of the links supplied here to get connected with the North Shore Academy of Gymnastics Booster Club.

NSAG Booster Club Executive Board
President | Carrie Johnson
Vice President | Annette Stafford / Kristin Bork
Treasurer | Lynda Hopkins
Secretary | Vicki Krueger

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NSAG Booster Club Payment Schedule
(Payments are due on the 15th of each month.)

Level 2 Payment Schedule

Level 3-4-5 Payment Schedule

Optionals Payment Schedule

Boys Payment Schedule

Tramp & Tumble Payment Schedule

Xcel Payment Schedule