Special Programs


Girls & Boys 6 years and Older

Tramp & Tumble Boys & Girls 6yrs & older – 1 hour
Beginner Level: No skills required to enter

Developmental Level Required Skills:
Must have passed out of Beginner Level, Cartwheels, handstands, 5 position tramp jumps, stick dismount off Double Mini Tramp.

Intermediate (Level 1) Required Skills:
Must have passed out of Developmental Level, Puppy Flip, Combinations on Tramp Round off.

Intermediate (Level 2) Required Skills:
Must have passed out of Intermediate Level 1, Front Tuck Combination Tumbling on Floor.

Advanced Level Required Skills:
Must have passed out of Intermediate Level 2, Headspring, Front Handspring, Tramp Back Handspring (no spot).

Hot Shots
Must have passed out of Advanced Level, Tramp Back Tuck, Running Tumbling onto Resi Pit.

Boys Apparatus Class – 1 hour
(Beginner, Developmental, Inter., Adv.)
Progressive skill development on all 6 men’s Olympic events. (pommel horse, high bar, rings, parallel bars, vault, tumbling)
Rhythmic Gymnastics

Level 1 (7yrs & older) – 1 hour
The challenge of hand apparatus (rope, hoop ,ball, clubs, and ribbon) combined with a variety of dance movements, creates a fun and exciting form of gymnastics!!

Level 2 (7yrs & older) – 1 hour
This class is a continuation of Level 1 with more emphasis on flexibility, combinations of dance with apparatus and refined skill technique.

Samurai Warrior (5-11yrs) – 1 hour
Training for fundamental body movement, basic skills including forward rolling for safety, back flip progressions, basic vaulting, wall and bar progressions, basic kicking and punching technique and development of core strength and speed.

High School – 1.5hrs
An intense 9 week preparatory class for the competitive high school gymnast, emphasizing pre-season strength, flexibility and skill development.